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3757 NE 3rd Street Minneapolis, MN 55421

Call Theo at 507-384-1856 to Schedule a Tour!   

MPLS MAKE is a community woodworking shop in NE Minneapolis where members pay monthly dues to have access to professional quality woodworking tools and a place to build their projects. Typical projects range from wooden spoons to guitars to complex cabinetry. Members are mostly young professionals who enjoy woodworking as a hobby, but there are also a couple of contractors who use the shop when they need to build something custom for a job. Functionally the workshop is set up similarly to a gym; after paying monthly dues members can come any time to use the equipment. The equipment includes one of almost every tool for woodworking and multiples of all the tools that get used most often. Along with access to the tools, each member is also given a cubby and a storage rack for wood and shared access to one of seven workbenches. Beyond just filling the need of a space to work in and tools to use, MPLS MAKE provides a third benefit that comes from working in a shared space: the knowledge of all the other members. There is a sense of comradery and community between the members so it feels natural and comfortable to ask for help or advice on whatever project you’re working on. This feeling of community is an extremely valuable part of the workshop.