This photo was taken at midnight after a day of driving that started at eight in the morning.  Dad came along for the drive, and we had a fun time, first heading to Pine City to pick up a tilt trailer from Best Rental, then North West to Bagley MN which is way up past Cass Lake (almost in Canada) we got the sander from a guy named John who was retiring from his woodworking business and selling all his tools.  I would have bought more equipment, but didn’t have the money.  When we got there I was amazed by what great condition the sander was in.  The photos I’d seen on Craigslist did not do it justice.  It was clear that John took good care of this tool.  He even had the manual there for us and an extra sanding belt.  We loaded it on to the tilt trailer using a come-along and a big piece of ash to lever it up the ramp.  Then headed back to the cities listening to a recording of Carl Hiaasen’s book “Skinny Dip”.  It was a great roadtrip.

Now the 37″ Jet Wide Belt Sander is in place at the shop and waiting for the electrician to hook it up on Monday.  This will be the first machine that will be open to use by non-members.  As Andy said, “it really brings the shop to the next level”.  I’m super excited to have this new machine in the space.  Come on by and check out this piece of “next level” equipment!