I’ve always enjoyed creating things – and now for the past year and a half I’ve been focused on making a great space to build things and hang out with fun people.  It’s been amazing to see the workshop grow to being at capacity in under a year, and we are about to move into the next iteration of MPLS MAKE with a larger better space where we will be able to accommodate twice the number of members.  This new space will be the third building that we’ve been in since the workshop started in a 400 sqft studio in the Northrup King Building.  The new shop will be more than twelve times the size of the original space and we will be building it into a dream workshop – all the bells and whistles.  I can hardly wait to get started on renovating the new space with the help of several members who are going to be investing in the workshop and helping to grow MPLS MAKE.  The eventual plan is to have more workshops like this one in St. Paul and other cities.  But for now the focus is on making the best possible community workshop here in Minneapolis.