img_20161012_212013img_20161012_212757138_hdrLast night was Andrew’s circular blade class.   I learned that a “trunnion” is the part of the saw that allows the blade to be adjusted in two planes, what a “kerf” is, and that we have at least one “carousal” in the shop.  But the class did more than just expand my vocabulary.  I now feel much more comfortable using the table saw.  It’s definitely a machine that deserves respect, but if you know how to use it properly it shouldn’t be scary.  Also, crazy fact that I didn’t know: only one third of the table saw’s power is devoted to cutting.  Yeah, what the eff is right!  The other two thirds? Removing saw dust.  So if you look at a rip blade you’ll see these groves beneath the teeth that are shaped to channel the dust away from the cutting surface.  Insanely cool.  I learned a lot.  This is a class that we’ll do again, so don’t worry you haven’t missed your chance.