Big Tools

37″ Jet Timesaver Wide Belt Sander
36″ Edge Sander
6″ Belt / 12″ Disc Sander

15″ Jet Helical Head Planer
8″ Powermatic Helical Head Jointer

SawStop Industrial Tablesaw
Powermatic 2000 Tablesaw

Router Table
Jet Drill Press

Delta 20″ Bandsaw
Jet 20″ Bandsaw

Makita 12″ Miter Saw
Milwaulkee Panel Saw

Jet Lathe

Small Tools

3/4″ Chuck Plunge Router
Dewalt 1/2″ Chuck Router

Milwaulkee Corded Circle Saw
Milwaulkee Corded Circle Saw
Corded Sawsall 

Lots of Milwaulkee Drills/Drivers
Milwaulkee Straight Grinder

Delta 12″ Bandsaw

Delta 16″ Scroll Saw

Lots of Palm Sanders

Pnumatic Finishing Gun
Pnumatic Nail Gun
Pnumatic Staple Gun


Tons of pipe clamps mostly 4 foot or longer
8 – 90 degree framing clamps
Many wooden clamps
Many smaller clamps

Torit cyclone dust collector
Additional Dust collection throughout

Air filtration throughout

Many hand planes

Tons of hand tools (chisels, hammers, jigs. . .)


Additionally we have three phase power which allows us to run really big tools smoothly and efficiently.  There is also compressed air plumbed throughout the shop, so if you like working with pneumatic tools you can tie in wherever.  We have dust collection everywhere, including vacuum hookups at each of the workbenches.  Combine that with our air filtration and it’s an excellent place to work.