Yesterday I spent the day with Jake putting the tops on these tables and hanging lights!  The shop is really coming together.  The more time I spend there the more convinced I become that this is going to work and going to be a great thing.  It’s incredible to see how much our capabilities are extended by using tools.  I know it’s obvious, but just the fact that I can come up with a design for a new table in the morning, head to the shop, and by mid-afternoon create this same imagined table in the real world . . . it’s magic. Really.  And the other magic of the shop is sharing – yeah, we learned about it in preschool, but sharing is what allows us all to have access to these tools.  I certainly couldn’t afford to keep a shop with the incredible equipment that we have on my own. But when we all share the expense, we can have access to awesome space and equipment for a tiny fraction of what it would normally cost.  So cheers! It’s great!